how much bandwidth do you use monthly?


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just taking a quick survey.

1) how many members (or visitors maybe?) do you have?
2) how much bandwidth does your site use each month?
3) do you think visitors and bandwidth are directly correlated?
4) do you think denying hot linking of images will reduce monthly bandwidth?

pls answer... or I'll hunt you down :D



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We are around 130,000 unique visitors a month and 330,000 pageviews a month. We are averaging around 2GB a day.

Visitors and bandwidth always will be correlated. The only thing you will see causing increases dramatically without more visitors is when doing uploads or downloads via ftp or other programs.

I don't think too much on the images unless you have a lot of them being hotlinked.

P.S. I only answered because I didn't want you hunting me down, now if I didn't already know that isn't you in your avatar then I would say come get me LOL.


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I only have vB bandwidth numbers so they really don't mean anything wrt XF. However, I do think that hotlinking should be denied on principle since I consider it to be bandwidth theft unless you are talking imageshack or some similar site which explicitly allows it.

Ryan Kent

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265 registered members, 100 GB bandwidth/month

There are many factors involved. For example, my site has locally hosted videos which is definitely a factor in bandwidth usage.

Site design has a lot to do with visitor to member ratio. Some sites are entirely private, so everyone who uses bandwidth is a registered member. On the other extreme, there are sites which are completely open and do nothing to encourage registration. Those sites may have incredibly high visitor to member ratios.

It sounds like you are set up on a host with restricted bandwidth and are trying to better manage your resources. You may wish to consider checking the post on Cloudflare. I have not used their service but it seems some XF members have and are happy with it. The service may reduce your current bandwidth usage.


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7K users.
131gb for the month of June
Visitors and bandwidth are definitely correlated. (graph below)
Hotlinks don't really matter....


Interesting to note is that you can clearly see an instant 40% drop-off of bandwidth consumption on the day we switched over to XenForo. But when it really comes down to it, you shouldn't care about bandwidth AT ALL. I pay $50 a month for my server, and I have a 2.5TB bandwidth cap... so I'm not even coming anywhere near hitting it.

What you really want to be worrying about is MEMORY usage. Bandwidth is cheap and relatively infinite; memory is not. Its the reason why shared hosting is so cheap and they tout pretty much unlimited bandwidth; but don't tell you that you have severe memory limitations.

Dec 1, 2010 (with vB4 and HALF the traffic) - memory consumption: 126%
July 1, 2011 (with XF and TWICE the traffic) - memory consumption: 69%