How much activity can XF handle on a shared server?

Ryan Kent

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Prior to today, my activity peaked each day with between 30 - 50 concurrent users. My site never reached 60 users online at the same time.

Yesterday we published an official interview, it was picked up by a few sources and we have had over 100 concurrent users online for most of the day. Right now we have 70 online. I am on a shared server and everything seems to be running ok.

I wanted to ask the community two questions:

- At what point do you feel it is necessary to move from a shared environment to VPS?

- What is the most activity a XF site has on a shared server, where the page load times seem ok?


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It depends on the server configuration and specification, the number of hosted domains, how busy they are, etc.

There is no hard or fast answer to the question.