How many of your photo's are shown in the photo carousel?


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I noticed when I mouse-overed albums in this overview:

... I only saw some of the pictures in an album being 'carouselled', but apparently not every single picture that the album consist of.

So I created this album to test it out:

When you mouseover that one, you only see the numbers 1, 2, 5, 4 and 7 being previewed in the carousel (handy function by the way).

Are these photo's being picked randomly for every album or how do these photo's get picked? And what is the reason why only 5 pictures are shown if my album consists of 7 pictures?

Chris D

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They are picked randomly for each album when the album is updated (e.g. when a media item is added to it).

The number of thumbnails it chooses is based on an option in the Admin CP, it defaults to 5.

You can also control the images that appear there.

There is a "Choose Album Thumbnail" link which loads this overlay:


From there you can select or deselect (or even use all - there's a select all checkbox at the top of the overlay) thumbnails you want to feature in the carousel. There may be a single image you want to show (in which case there is no carousel) or you may want to upload a special cover for the album by using the "Upload Thumbnail" button. You can even just get it to choose a new random selection from the "Random Thumbnail" button.