How many more beta's will come in xF2

Dnyan Deshmukh

Well-known member
I read at many place that,

there will be 5 beta then 5 RC then gold rc and then supported version will be release.

I see its Beta 7, thats why asking question.

I am happy with xF2 even in beta stage but curious about knowing beta, rc and golden numbers before release of supported version.

Thank You

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We've never really had a release as big as this, and our previous major releases have had about 4 Beta releases then usually around 2 to 4 RC releases.

The objective is for each beta release to introduce fewer bugs and fewer changes while the number of existing bugs gets ever smaller (we're roughly down to one page of bugs now). We also have an internal to do list which is getting smaller.

So although we can't be totally clear on the exact number of releases, everything is going in the right direction so it shouldn't be too much longer...