How Many Languages Do You Know and Speak Fluently?


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Right now, just English. My native tongue is Spanish. However, I forgot a lot of it after learning English since it was barely ever spoken to me.

I picked a lot of my Spanish back up thanks to my Spanish classes during my four years of high school, but I still can't carry on conversations in Spanish and the like.


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English and Korean!

Yes using it frequently with the parents. Its nice to speak many languages, you learn the culture from it. The downside is that it can supposedly reduce word retrieval.. Sometimes I can't get the word I'm looking for!


I am from Mejico and in this country is very important learn other languages , especially the English. I have been study english for 10 months because I need a better opportunities in my life.Thanks to the internet I am studying english with some pages free for example: duolingo.

I need your help if you speak other languages how can learn more fast? , I watch movies and tv series but unfortunately is very difficult for me and my pronunciation is poor. I don´t use google translator because is very limited.


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No, Australia. Balinese wife :)
Ohh! Balinese women are known as a great dancer. :)

You dont want to learn balinese native language too? It helps when you are visiting Bali.

You can get lots of great stuff with cheap price :p when shopping in Bali traditional shop


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English, Dutch, German, Flemish ;) I also know my way around in French, but thats the bare minimum :p
I liked your post because I had to look up Flemish to find out if it was real or not :). Turns out it is real and I still have to chuckle.

Francesco V.

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  • Italian, my mothertongue.
  • English, but i can't say i speak eanglish VERY fluently, almost as a mother tongue. Anyway i can understand what people say and they can understand me.
  • Little bit of German.

Lucky anglo-people....the last big "empire" was England and now the world language is english. If only ancient roman succeded to resist another 1400 years maybe now all over the world people would speak italian :p


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Fluently? English only.

But I can normally find my way around:

Some Japanese if spoken slowly.
Some Latin
Na'vi (nerd i know)


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Get my way around Spanish still learning lol !
Japnese still learning.