How many add-ons do you have?


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I kind of just wondered this, but how many add-ons do you guys have for your site? I have about 10, but 1.3 will replace 3 of those.
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I have 60 add-ons... and still on 1.1.4.

Ohh the regret :(

I'll have it sorted out during the next months, though :)

Tracy Perry

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Depends on which one of mine it is... on my Linux one (I had to shrink the view down in Chrome to get all of them)

screenshot.png and on my motorcycle one screenshot1.png


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Mine has just increased by 1 :rolleyes:


"What does that do?" I hear you ask.
It does this :D


I'll probably be releasing it tomorrow.


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Only 47 so far, but I expect 30-40 more to replicate the functionality I currently have on my vb big board.