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MG 1.1 how long does import process take, it seems stuck!!?

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Support' started by zoldos, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. zoldos

    zoldos Well-Known Member

    I have around 14,000 pictures currently in XenGallery. The import to XFMG has been going about 30 mins (now working after I disabled nobita's groups) but it seems "stuck" at 0.28% and appears to be looping. Is this normal??
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    If at this point it is still stuck, no, that doesn't sound right.

    Is the gallery being populated? Does it appear to be continuously populating the same image?

    Did you choose the option to retain content IDs when setting up the importer?

    Are any errors being logged in the Server Error log?
  3. zoldos

    zoldos Well-Known Member

    The gallery was populated but all the same image, yes.

    I chose not to retain IDs, I wasn't sure what that was for.

    No server errors were logged...
  4. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Could you check your web server / PHP error log? You may need your host to help you with this.

    I suspect something may be crashing PHP, it resumes automatically, and when it does it cycles over the same item over and over. The error log may contain more information and enable us to isolate the specific image causing it.
  5. zoldos

    zoldos Well-Known Member

    I've gone back to XenGallery as I've paid for that mod and it works great with my groups mod. Plus sonnb is actively working with me to fix its problems and I don't have time to figure out what's wrong with another add-on...

    Thanks tho!
  6. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Well, I was also actively helping you at nearly midnight on a Saturday and would have been happy to continue to do so. At some point, if the logs above didn't mention anything, I would have asked for access to your server so I could look at this in more detail for you

    Should that be required please submit a ticket with details and we'd be glad to take a look.
    zoldos likes this.
  7. zoldos

    zoldos Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate your time! But in order to use XFMG it looks like I'd need to disable the groups mod (for which members donated to get and is very popular). So instead I decided to continue working with sonnb.

    In the case I do decide to give XFMG another try, I'll open a ticket. Thanks! :D

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