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XF 2.0 How long do you have to wait for XF2 to reload after changing a template?


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Currently I have to wait around 1 minute after changing a template (in output dir), after refreshing a page, and it thrashes my CPU.
Under XF1 it wasn't noticeably slow like that.

Dev platform: Windows & Apache

DragonByte Tech

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Make sure Xdebug is disabled. admin.php?tools/phpinfo to check.

If Xdebug has snuck its way in without you noticing, that can severely delay your page loads depending on your hardware.



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I've noticed having xdebug causes a hilariously bad performance with XF2

Make sure to disable code coverage outside of test suits; xdebug.coverage_enable=0

It makes difference!


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In my experience I don't have to wait at all. It is my impression that each page view triggers a filesystem scan.