XF 1.1 how i do this


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If your using anything prior to 1.2 that will require a template edit (there's a resource for that in the RM)

If your using 1.2 beta/RC then go into users >> usergroups >> and set your rank in there styling it to your preference.

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In XenForo 1.1, if you want to customize the display of certain users, you're generally limited to user titles and user name styling. However, sometimes this isn't flexible or clear enough. Sometimes you want to be able to draw attention to multiple things for a single user.

Enter user group banners:

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Banners can be configured per user group:

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(I am aware of the first banner on the second column having its top border wrapped back. This is a browser issue that we're looking into.)

You'll note that this set up is similar to how thread prefixes are configured. You can use custom CSS classes to completely change the display of banners (such as by replacing them with images).

I've demonstrated that you can have more than one banner displaying simultaneously. By default, they'll be displayed in the display style group order (highest first). If the user is a staff member, that banner will take priority.

You can disable this option and configure a few different options (globally):

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You'll also note that you have the option to override standard user titles with banners.

These banners are primarily displayed on messages, but they're also shown on profiles. There is a simple template helper function that can be used to display them anywhere.

this option is not in my 1.1.5 version.so what i do for this


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If you upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2, it should begin appearing unless you are using a custom style and didn't merge / receive the new template code yet. This isn't a support thread, you should post in either your previous thread or in the appropriate support forums.