XF 2.2 How I can install latest version from version 2.0.5 ?


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Dear friends,

Not sure how I can explain my question, hope you will understand and give me the correct information.
My xenforo Support and updates were until May 13, 2018, however I did not use the software on my site/ domain.

Now, I am planning to use xenforo on my new domain and when I go to client area, I am able to download only version 2.0.5.

Am I not allowed to download the very latest stable version of complete xenforo software copy? I am not asking for only upgrade files and I know for upgrade files I have to renew my license, I want to download the whole latest xenforo copy and to do that do I still need to renew my license?

I hope you get my question, if yes please reply me.

Kindest regards,
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