how easy it is to convert it from phpbb2


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I have an old forum with 100000 articles or so
how easy it is to convert it here?
I would need a chat app, seo friendly urls

what happens with new urls when you convert? Does this forum make 301 redirects for all the urls?
What is the benefit using xenforo against phpbb forum

and I guess you have to pay 150 usd each year to use it?

what about templates, are they premium? Responsive?
I think you will have to upgrade the DB to the 3.x series of phpBB for an import - or perform a double import from phpBB2 -> whatever has an importer for phpBB2 and a corresponding support by XenForo -> XenForo.

There is no native chat app, but there are two very good ones that I'm familiar with, and I believe there are a few others (that I haven't used) in the Resource Manager.

URL's have to have redirects performed. For most of the major scripts that are supported for import, there are redirects available. For those that don't exist, it's usually a simple matter of posting a request for help in the forum.

Benefit? More modern, commercially supported script vs. an outdated, no longer supported one. ;)

$140 for initial license and 12 months of updates/support. Then after that it's $40 a year for support/updates. If you have any add-ons (official Xenforo ones - like the gallery or resource manager) there are additional yearly renewal fees for them that are added in.

Most styles (I'm assuming what you mean when you refer to templates) are responsive now since the script itself is responsive. The actual templating system is a dream to work with compared to any of the other scripts I have used.
For chat, you can get Chat by Siropu or Taigachat - both are great add-ons (they are paid ones but well supported).

Importing from phpBB3 to XenForo is super easy - I was able to do it in just a couple hours. I actually imported two phpBB boards into one XenForo. One of them was a phpBB2 board. I updated it to phpBB3 first for the import, which is what you should do too.
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