XF 1.1 How does File Cache helps under shared hosting?


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Dis-advantage I observe is:
While using File cache during upgrade, it cause a lot of timeouts.
Disabling the file cache will minimize timeouts.


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Using file-based caching could in theory speed certain things up, but in general cases (particularly relating to a shared server where the configuration may not be ideal), it may end up being worse. I probably would never use a file-based cache system for XF. I'd only enable a cache system that was memory-based (such as Memcache or maybe APC, but I have some concerns with how APC expires entries).

Mike Edge

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I used simple file caching when I was on a shared server but I didn't really notice any difference.
Same, though both myself and several customers have mentioned the difference when they use Memcache on our shared servers. Even more so on our servers we migrated from Litespeed to Nginx already.
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