How do you make your own preview tool tip?


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I have custom pages here:

They are similar to thread previews:

However, I'm trying to figure out how to implement these tool tip previews on mouse over, similar to how the thread preview tooltips work... I have tried the following, but it doesnt work:
<a href="{$user.identities.xboxlive}"
title="{$user.identities.xboxlive}" class="PreviewTooltip"
data-previewUrl="{xen:link members/xboxlive, $user}">{$user.identities.xboxlive}</a>
What do I need to do, to get these tool tips working?


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Hi Jaxel,

I'm trying to do something very similar, but I can't get the member pages created. How did you do that? :)

I'm aiming to put the contents of a custom profile field in to the tooltip popup.

Any advice you have would be great!