How do you create a Buyer password challenge to access the Registration area?


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By default my training forum is read-only to the general public.

To become a registered user, I had my current vB3.8 forum customized* to require the user to enter their birthdate (I understand that one can lie about this, but I need to ask for it as it's an adult sexuality education site (no porn), then a terms of Agreement box they need to read and click accept, and finally, the system selects either one of two possible passwords (provided to them at time of purchase of my publications) in order to gain access to the Forum registration area.

How would I go about setting up such a function in XF, please?
What coding tools do you recommend for solving these issues in the XF environment?

Thanks for any suggestions.

*Coder not available for XF work


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Why not create / upgrade a forum user account after the purchase of your publications?
Thanks very much for your quick reply, ragtek! I think you may have replied before my last edits. Would be happy to receive any additional thoughts you may have if any are triggered by the info I added.

Meanwhile, are you suggesting something like purchase launches a script that would prompt them for this information?
I like that!