How do phrase conflicts get handled?


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Right now there are no phrases for "Month", "Hour", or "Minute" in XenForo...

Lets say I add the phrases in one of my mods... then later down the line, XenForo officially gets the phrases... What happens? What happens when you upgrade to the new version of XenForo which has the new phrase? What happens when someone installs my mod, and tries to overwrite the existing phrase?


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You could avoid conflictions at all and prefix your phrases with your add-on initials:
{xen:phrase ewr_month}

But then again, good question ;)


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Last one in wins.

In theory, it can be an issue if an add-on causes a conflict and is then uninstalled, but in practice, a) it should be rare, and b) if it's added by XF, reimporting the master data would fix it.


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Last one in wins... so XenForo will always win.
You can't create a phrase if the phrase already exists as it'll throw an error (I think? :confused:) and if the add-on utilises a phrase that XenForo introduces into its core, it'll overwrite the add-on phrase?