How do I utilize newly created templates?


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Note: Please don't move this thread again to the Xencarta thead. I am not asking questions about Xencarta or its function. Thank you.​
I am sure this will be fairly simple for an experienced xenforo user to answer. Currently I have Xencarta downloaded as a wiki on my site. My wiki isn't so great looking so I started looking around for templates. I found this source and got started on following the directions to create a template for a biography block.​
However I am fairly new to xenforo so in the thread they do not discuss how to implement these templates into the wiki. In fact I do not really know how to make use of a template at all if I were to create my own custom ones even.​
Is there anyone that could get me started or point me in the right direction? I just don't know what else to do after creating and saving the templates. I would like to know in general not just pertaining to Xencarta.​