XF 2.2 How do I remove caching?


I tried to find this and cannot.

Where do I change / remove the caching site overall?

Ran into some issues, that seem to be cached issues. (Not my browser, cuz it doesn't happen elsewhere).

I had a username that I had added to the "no use" list....
I needed to create a test user to make sure the registration process worked...
the username was in the "no use" list...
So I went back to my admin panel (totally different browsers btw) and removed that username from the "no use" list.
Saved, refreshed.

Went back to other browser. Refreshed, cleared everything, refreshed again. It claimed the username was in the "no use" list still.

Tried this 3 different times till I gave up and used another username.

Test #2:
Went in to create a poll for my new members...
Realized it didn't show on the board...
Went into admin panel, walked through all the boards and changed them individually to all allow polls and questions.
Saved each, went back to the forum to post.
Polls are still nowhere to be found, even though it's to be approved. (It does show on forums I had not looked at yet, but not the one I am trying to post in).

So.... this tells me it's caching in the system somewhere.

Where do I fix this?