How do I use different images for each category strip title?


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For the category strip title, I'd like to remove the text and instead use an image. I can use an image globally, but not sure how to do this so that each category has it's own specific image.

For example, the iPhone category on my forums would look something like this, but with the text removed. The image would also be smaller.

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 11.19.31 PM.png


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It looks like you want to remove the category bar graphic a well - at present there is a pale brown gradient bar for all categories ( or whatever colour/s you set them).
But I can't see your graphic method working with this gradient design.

Are you certain you want to remove all text? Sometimes graphics don't display properly for all kinds of reasons not least users with bad config on their browsers which does happen. Some use advert blockers that cut out other images as well - they tend to be crude.
I tend to think it's safer to have a text option to cover all situations like graphic failure. You could use the cat description for this, keep it very short to a word or two. It shows in small text which wouldn't detract frrom your image./

Jake Bunce is the resident wizard here for category bar design. He is so busy he doesn't take private Conversations but you can find his threads and ask him on there.
Try a search on Jake Bunce category - there are several threads that are useful.