XF 1.2 How do I set up a PM to a user that is given a warning?

How do I set up a PM to a user that is given a warning? I had a user get more than 10 points and banned. He claims he never got one notice from any warning points.

Also, how do I make it so that the person reporting a post can see my response. They type something in the "comments" of a report but then can never see the response or the resolution.

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If you're giving a custom warning, you need to write it manually (logically). But if you use a pre-created warning, it can pull a default conversation:
Member Notification
There is the option of starting a conversation with the member being warned. If a pre-defined warning has been selected and the Conversation Settings have been completed for the warning in the admin control panel, then the title and content fields will be pre-filled accordingly. This can be edited when issuing the warning if required.