XF 1.5 How do I report a forum using xenforo illegally?

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So there is this forum that has recently just set-up shop: <snip> they aren't using a valid xenforo licence, they've removed the validator.php file but it was there originally, I found the forum using google dorks for "validator.php' and also the xenforo copyright text and this is a new site I've not seen before so I was wondering whats the best way to report this to XenForo? I pay for my licence every year and the forum software is easily the best on the market, others should pay it too and simply shouldn't use the software, what can we do about this?
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The URL you posted actually has a license associated with it. I have removed the URL, now, to "protect the innocent". The moral of the story is to always please report alleged pirate installations of XenForo by the correct channels.
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