XF 1.4 How do I put a user under moderation?

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I've been using Xenforo actively since about February, by now I basically know my way around the software -- except for one thing. I have always wondered how I place a user under moderation so that I can view his posts before he posts them. Just for a specific user, not a group. I would like to know how to do this manually as well as make it so I can have it happen automatically once a user receives a certain amount of warnings.

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Liam W

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For a specific user, you can use user permissions and revoke the follow message moderation rules permission.

For warnings, create a new usergroup with that permission revoked and create a warning action that adds users to that group.

However, if you did create that group, it would be easier to manage if you added users to it manually instead of using user permissions :)


Harpers Tate

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The permission you need is "Follow Message Moderation Rules"

Set to "Allow", and posts by this user will be moderated ONLY IF the node (forum) is set for all posts in it to be moderated. They can post unencumbered in any forums which are not in themselves Moderated. So that would be normal on most forums for well-behaved and/or established members.

Set to "Never" and all posts by this user will be moderated. Use for members to be "watched" whether because new or misbehaving (etc).

Assuming you normally allow new members to post unfettered then:
To automate the process you will need to create a secondary User Group (called something like "Moderated Users") with this permission revoked, and then create a Warning Action so that when the point score reaches a threshold (or whenever it's over a threshold - two subtly different behaviours) the user is added to this UserGroup.

For manual setting, it will be as well to manually add your user to this UserGroup via the AdminCP (rather than setting the permission directly to the user account); that way they are all kept together in the same place.

On the other hand, if you ALSO want new members to be moderated, the setup would start off the other way around with the base membership not having this set; with a secondary usergroup (call it "Trusted Members" or similar) allowing this permission and new members promoted into it when they post a certain number or whatever you choose. And then a further secondary UserGroup as above to revoke ("Never") the permission where necessary.
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