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How do I place an ad directly below the navigation bar?

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by badlands, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. badlands

    badlands Member

    Hi there,

    I want to place a "billboard ad" directly below the menu bar - so that the forum list and the sidebar are pushed down a bit (see blue painting in the attached image). Where do I have to place the code? ad_above_topbreadcrumb does not work - the sidebar is not pushed down by it. Thanks fo image003.jpg r suggestions!
  2. HWS

    HWS Well-Known Member

    You need to raise the "headerProxy" height in your CSS to fit your ad.
  3. badlands

    badlands Member

    Hi, sounds great! The thing is that the ad will not be permanently delivered - i.e. the sidebar, etc. shall only be pushed down when the ad is shown. Is there a way to implement this accordingly? Thanks!
  4. HWS

    HWS Well-Known Member

    If you only need it in the sidebar, you can simply drop the ad code above all other stuff in the sidebar and the regular sidebar content will be pushed down if an ad is shown.
  5. badlands

    badlands Member

    Hi, thanks! Unfortunately I need it in the main forum area and the sidebar - as the banner is so large that it extends to the sidebar. Goal would be to place the ad code in a position where both the main forum content and the sidebar content will be pushed down. Is that possible?
  6. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  7. badlands

    badlands Member

    Aweseome, Jake! This is exactly what I was looking for. Works nicely! Thanks!!!

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