XF 1.5 How do i install addons?


im confused about how to install addons because someone else installed XenForo for me?

  1. Upload the add-ons files into your XenForo installation. This will usually create a new directory within the library/ directory in your XenForo installation. In general, this shouldn’t overwrite any existing files.
how can i do this is i didnt do the XenForo installation?

I'm new to this so excuse me if there is a simple fix for this.


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If you have cPanel you can use the File Manager application, otherwise use an FTP program such as WinSCP.


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You will need to upload the add-on files using an FTP client such as WinSCP (recommended for Windows machines) or Cyberduck.

There are some instructions about uploading here:


(note that's for uploading the XenForo files rather than the add-on files but the principle is the same).

Or as Brogan says, if you have cPanel you can use that.

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I cannot get cpanel to work for this, it seems to always want to overwrite not merge, so presumably if you uploaded a library file it would replace what's there instead of adding to it.

I would recommend you get a simple FTP program like Cyberduck as mentioned, you then just drag and drop files or folders as you would between windows on your PC. Note that in Cyberduck you must choose "merge" as a preference so a folder will merge its contents with what's already there.

  • You will need the name of your server, your username and password for the server. (Your host can provide these and any other necessary info)
  • Locate the root directory on the server (e.g. public_html or www)
  • You then copy across all the files from within the addon upload folder (not the folder itself).
  • Good idea Imperative to have a backup first (e.g. download everything) because if you overwrite instead of merging you will lose everything in the folder that isn't in the upload.
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I'd have to agree, FTP seems a lot easier than using cPanel unless it is needed. I use FileZilla honestly as it is easy to use along with being the most used FTP program.


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I use a combination of FTP and cPanel (when available).
  • upload the zip archive using FTP
  • extract the files directly on the server using File Manager
  • move the files to the correct directory

Much quicker than extracting locally and transferring each individual file.

I never use Filezilla - it is responsible for 99% of the tickets and threads we have regarding errors related to uploading files (missing/corrupt files).