How do I include a wallpaper-banner above the header?

Dear all, I plan to include a wallpaper-banner above the header of the forum. In which template do I have to place the ad code? The header template does not work, as the banner needs to be above the header-logo. Many thanks for hints!
To illustrate the position of the banner I attached a pic. Does anyone know which template I have to edit to include the banners at this position? Seems to be "outside" of the region covered by templates. Thanks for any hints!



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You will more than likely have to create a wrapper for the forum and add your banner that way.
Ok - in which template file would i have to do that (page container?)? Could you provide me with the basic code for the wrapper? Many thanks!!


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Try something like this (not tested):

In your PAGE_CONTAINER template find this:
<body{xen:if {$bodyClasses}, ' class="{$bodyClasses}"'}>
And add this below it:
<div id="anf_wrapper">
<div id="anf_headerwrap">Header content</div>
<div id="anf_wrapper2">
Next find this:
And add this right above it:
<div id="anf_wrapper3">
<img src=""/>

Add this to your EXTRA.css file:
#anf_wrapper3 {
#anf_wrapper2 {
You'll have to tweet your css to get everything aligned right.
Hi there,

thanks - it works on a basic level when I include the wrapper in the page_container in the <head> section. There is only one problem: When I reduce the browser width the skyscraper places itself above the forum header - not next to it. Is there a way that includes it like the sidebar - i.e. when limiting the browser width it just is not visible anymore and the rest stays the same? Thanks for an update!
Same here. We are about to make that jump from vb to xf on our main forums. But we can´t as long as we are not able to provide the ad-units, we´ve already sold with the wallpaper-ads in our vb-plattform. Anyone able to tell us what exactly we have to do?