How do I get a clean login screen for a private forum?

I'm setting up a private forum where non-members will not have the ability to register. The homepage of the forum is simply a login screen.

I went into my User Group Permissions and set my "Unregistered/Unconfirmed" group to "Deny" for all settings, but that gives me a homepage/login screen that says "Forum Name - Error" with an error message of "You must be logged-in to do that."

How can I get a clean login screen that displays my forum name properly with no error message, and just having the login fields displayed?

(P.S. the red boxes around the name/password fields is from the password manager LastPass.)


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You'd likely have to make modifications for that - that's the standard "no permission" output.
Thanks Mike. I'm not a programmer, but can you at point me in the right direction to work on the modification?