How do I find what css file to edit? reply button | upload a file | more options?

steven s

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I've been able to find my way around using Firebug to figure where to look to find the file that needs to be edited.
I'm just stumbling in the dark though.

Take the post reply button?
I see <div class="submitUnit"> and <span class="submitButtons">
I can search where they are in templates, but how do I know which template to use?

I want the button to be #808080, hover #000000, border #cccccc


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A good place to start is to open Firebug and check the class at the top of the page.
In this case it is <div id="content" class="thread_view">

So that tells you which template you are working with.

From there you can either search the template or any other templates which are included in that main template.

Usually though I just use Firebug to get the exact css/attribute for the element I'm interested in and then do a "search in templates".

In your case, the css related to the post reply button is as follows and is in form.css.

In addition to that, there is also a "button primary" class which specifically changes the colour of the post reply button.

You can also click on the "css.php:2261" link on the right hand side and it will load the actual css in Firebug.

Is this what you were after? I am hovering over the post reply button in this screenshot.