How do I do a User Title?


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Not sure if this is exactly what its called. I like for when people log on they are asked for the year of there mustang for it to be place under there user name like the image below. Also there user number.



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You'd need a custom profile field for the year of the mustang on registration, so that'd be an add-on of some sort.

Then you'd just need to use the appropriate syntax to put it in message_user_info I think. I don't have an XF installation available.


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Yes, that would be a custom profile field which isn't currently available.

Or, you could allow everyone to set their own user title and that will take the place of the usual Member, Well-Known Member, etc.


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I wasn't aware if there was an option for people to set their own titles. If so, you could use CSS to move the usertitle to the location you wish.