XF 1.4 How do I display page node content within PAGE_CONTAINER template?


sorry, I was not able to find anything on this with the search (or: I found too much which was not related to what I want to do)

I would like to use xenforo to serve a static HTML-page without any javascript or xenforo-headers or anything.

What I did:

1.) I defined a new style called "Blank"
2.) In that style I changed the template "PAGE_CONTAINER" to:

Testing 123
{xen:raw $templateHtml}
3.) Next I defined a new page node, and chose the style "Blank".

Voila: The page is displayed, the "Testing 123" shows up OK, but not what I defined as HTML-content for the page node.

What tag do I have to embed to get the content of the page node?
{xen:raw $templateHtml} does not seem not work.

Thank you!
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Hi @Brogan thanks for the answer.
That was one of the threads I reviewed befor posting here.

It seems to me that that is an instruction for coders who want to build an add-on with php-code and all.
I simply want to display a page with static HTML. I thought there must be a way do that only using the template-system...
mmmh, that gives me the wanted output, but also more content that i dont want:

<div id="pageNodeContent">
before the content. And after it:
<div class="bottomContent">
<div class="sharePage">
(all the share-buttons here)
is this another template I have to tweak?


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You can edit the pagenode_container template to remove any other elements which aren't required.
BTW: It would help so much I one could switch the language of the admin-panel to english without changing the language of the whole forum.
I run the forum in another language and so here in this xenforo-community I cannot post the exact wording of my admin menus or even screenshots...