XF 1.5 How do I disable two-step verification?


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I've no clue what began triggering it. I am trying to disable two step verification from my account settings, and it then blocks access to entire site. I must enable two-step verification and the message keeps popping up on my mobile, laptop and desktop.

Is adding
$config['enableTfa'] = false; to the config file ONLY way to disable it? Can I not disable it peacefully?


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I'm quite new to Xenforo, what are some examples that might be triggering this? This is more of a nag than anything in my opinion...
Hey, i have change no setting! Now comes this two-step verification and i come no more in the admin panel.
How can I deinstall this bulls***? I use my Page alone for me and I need this two-step thing not!

I set no hook, but always comes the verification!!
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You must have made it be required in the user group permissions. Once you log in, you can reverse that as well as disable it for your account in the ACP if you don't wish to use it.
I ran into this myself when I clicked the "Two step verification" link in a test account, just to see what it does, but once clicked there was no way to back out.

Once you click that link the first time, you must go through and complete the process, or you will be left in limbo. You must go back into Two Step Verification, if necessary, choose your method, and follow through to get this done and yourself logged into the board.

THEN you can click "Two step verification" again and you will be presented with an option to discontinue it.