How do I block Unregistered/Unconfirmed from viewing Member List?


I have a private forum so in my CP under User Group Permissions I've set my Unregistered/Unconfirmed group to "Never" for all settings except for "View" which is set to "Allow".

This setup allows unregistered visitors to see the login page, but they can't log in. Nor can they view the forums. But they can still view the Member List.

If I set "View" to "Never" then unregistered users can't see the Member List, but then the forum default view dispalys "Forum Title - Error" on the login page to everyone who hasn't logged in yet.

Is there a way (besides setting their View Permissions to Never) to block Unregistered users from viewing the Member List?


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I think it is important to block non registered visitors from seeing the member list. Both IB and vB provide for this in their admin control panel. I hope it makes it into XenForo sometime in the future.

Thanks, Jeff