How Do I Apply A PHP File To A Forum Page?


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This may also be what I need...I will try it out, thanks for the ref. to this Brogan and Xarcell thanks for having the same issue as me :)
That post is worthy of creating it's own thread upon, I may ask Boothby to use a simple hello world php script with that and document that in detail with some screen shots to accompany as this for someone with desires such as mine and skill levels < or = to mine could be put to great use and persons such as myself would really appreciate it.


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the thing that doesn't make sense to me, is that after following booth's instructions exactly, the script seems to think that library directory is the root directory. In other words, the scripts says my included php file is here:, but it actually has to be here in order to work:

That doesn't make sense to me, but it works. I've also tried writing in the whole path. If it's not in the library folder, it doesn't work regardless.

If you need help, just post it here and I will try to help.