How customizable is xenforo?

I have a modded vbulletin forum. How easy is it to either write or add mods to customize xenforo?

Should I decide to go this route are there modifications available?


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There are some very good documentaions here that make things very easy. I have been using Ipb before, and I am familiar with the OOP and Zend Framework. So for me anyway it should be easy to code for xenforo and create styles for it. At least I hope so. I found these guides today that were very helpful. I hope that they will be helpful to you too.


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It will be a bit of a learning curve coming from VB to XF but most competent developers find it doesn't take them long to get up to speed.

The built in importer works for any sized forum, but the more posts there are, the longer it takes.
How many members, threads, and posts do you have?


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Any content which isn't supported won't be imported.

The pre-sales FAQ in my signature lists what is imported.
And finally, well for now.... I've been having issues with the scripting with vbulletin, it isn't very efficient. Is the load time here indicative of a more efficient scripting, or do you just have a more powerful server than I am using?


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I definitely recommend Xenforo and you won't regret switching to it. I wished I had done it sooner when I converted from MyBB 1.8 to Xenforo.