How can we remove all instances of -webkit-border-radius?

el canadiano

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I've noticed a few flaws on the design part of the border-radius and all that, and I've noticed that in the CSS files that there is still -webkit-border-radius, which I believe is redundant because Webkit browsers all support the W3C standard of border-radius, so how can I remove all instances of -webkit-border-radius?


XenForo developer
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It's generated automatically. It does nothing for browsers that don't read it, so there's no value in removing it (aside from a couple bytes of bandwidth, I suppose).

el canadiano

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I realize that it is generated automatically, but why have it when webkit browsers can simply read border-radius?


There are older webkit browsers out there that don't
And there are browsers out there that don't support the css3 recommendations, but do support the webkit engine still, though not the latest version.

It's not just in use by Safari's latest build.