How can i track registrations with Google Analytics?


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I want to setup a funnel in Google Analytics to understand how much visitors become users, and how much user convalidate their registration.

I setted this funnel:
1° step: the homepage
2° step: the page of registration: forum/register
3° step: the page of finished registration: forum/register/register
4° step: how much of users that registered have completed registration (so i need to track clicks on the mails of new users).

That's my issues:
1) I don't know how to change links for convalidate the registration to track how much of them complete the can i do this? This is the only way to do that?
2) For the first step, i think the better way is to have all pages of my forum, because in all pages visitors can can i track that?

I ask specially @digitalpoint because i know is an expert in this field.

If you have suggestions or you know alternatives to know this informations please inform me! Thank you!