How can I run "Record Daily Statistics" cron in background (CLI)


Hi everybody

I have setup an cron entry on Admin Control Panel - Record Daily Statistics. It runs automatically at 7h30 AM everyday

But this cron entry give an error: php-fpm not response => 502 Bad Gateway when browse with browser (Firefox, Chrome ...)

Slow logs in php-fpm:
[0x000000000118cfa0] execute() /home/www/
[0x000000000118c918] _execute() /home/www/
script_filename = /home/www/
[0x0000000001617db0] execute() /home/www/
[0x0000000001617728] _execute() /home/www/
[0x00000000016172b8] execute() /home/www/
[0x0000000001616fb0] query() /home/www/
[0x0000000001616c30] fetchPairs() /home/www/
[0x00000000016164e0] getData() /home/www/
[0x0000000001616268] buildStatsData() /home/www/
[0x00007fff9d48a7c0] recordDailyStats() unknown:0
[0x0000000001616008] call_user_func() /home/www/
[0x0000000001615c78] runEntry() /home/www/
[0x0000000001615938] run() /home/www/
[0x0000000001615658] runAndOutput() /home/www/
How can I run that cron entry in CLI mode (php CLI)? Thank you very much