How can I modify the feed importer?


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I use the XF feed importer to create new threads automatically in a forum.

All feed items are from different users, e.g. author of item 1 is Carl, author of item 2 is Christine. So currently I use the guest option as import setting.

However, I would have the correct usernames in {author} variable which means all author names within the feed already exist as xenforo users.

So my plan is to create new posts with the appropriate user names so that new posts from the feed appear as "Carl created a new post in..".

Any ideas how I can achieve this? is there a template or controller I can modify?

regards, rhodes


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This is really going to require custom development so I'm moving this to the development discussions forum. Most of the code is in the XenForo_Model_Feed class. That handles (amongst other things) setting up the data for the newly created threads.