XF 2.2 How can I merge two categories?


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Hello there! :)
I wish to merge two (or more) forum categories (forum nodes) into one, and move all the content into that category as well. Is this possible? If it is, how can I do that? :) I currently only know how to manually move a post into a new category and I will have to move a few hundreds... 😅


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I tried this and I stumbled upon the following error:

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

No items matched your filter.

I put a new title, tag, chose the Thread type, Forum (Include selected) - I includd two categories; Thread creator in user groups: Administrative, Registered and Moderating; State: Visible, Deleted, Moderated; Locked: Unlocked and Locked and Sticky: NOt Sticky and Sticky and pressed "Search". Apparently this can be used to search not to merge two categories and they found nothing according to my filter.


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If you want to move all threads from one node to another, just leave all the criteria blank/default and only select the forum which has the threads in.

Then on the next page you will move them to the destination forum.