XF 1.5 How can I fix posts on social media?


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I shared a thread on Facebook and it came out like this.

1. wrong picture showed up...
2. would LOVE to get rid of the [MEDIA] text from showing

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I'd like to clean this up and get rid of [MEDIA].

Facebook won't let you edit it either, so anyone sharing this sees the same thing on their end too. I think we should hide that.

Is there a way to prevent [MEDIA] from displaying on social shares?
Wouldn't a blank preview be better than a text place holder? In that case, you'd have the title and OG image OR image from the thread?
Can we hide the tag if the content does have text?

If there's no way to remove or hide that tag - is there a way to edit the tag to say something more useful?

Maybe I can change it from [MEDIA] to [Click To See] and be more directive, telling users to click, and maybe get a few extra visits.
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