XF 1.4 How can a moderator see an email address?

In vBulletin, the moderator had access to a panel where they could check users' email addresses and ban users.

I can't figure this out on xenForo, although from this thread, it appears to have been sorted.

If I recall correctly, as a moderator on vBulletin, I was able to see a user's email address without going into the Admin Control Panel.

It's not exposed on the front end at all, though it could be quite easily.

Moderators do have access to a page that allows them to edit users, that could be a logical place to display this.

You would just edit the member_edit template and add
to display their email.
Or just use the Warning system.

I have Admin CP access, but I only ever ban or otherwise discipline users from the front end with Warnings.
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