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House Remodeling By Day. Recovering By Night.


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My days are filled with light remodeling of my home so it can be sold this summer. My evenings have been spent recovering from the day.

We quit early today because hands, knees, back, and the rest of the body are sore. This gave me some time to import photos from my iPhone. Here are some photos to give you a taste of the remodeling.


OSS 117

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Been there, done that. I wish you luck. I got rid of my softwood flooring a few years ago in favor of harder wood flooring. I got solid wood both times. I'm going to really regret wording it that way. I'm sure of it.

That said, laminate flooring is similar and of course cheaper in price. My understanding is that it's a thin sheet of wood applied to composites. It looks like you got the tough stuff. By tough I mean it's really hard to mess up unless you take a hammer or coarse sandpaper to it. It also wont sink in/dent if there's a lot of high heel foot traffic. I do have some laminate flooring in our walk in closets because there was no point laying down wood in there. I'm also going to regret saying that too.

Though what started as us just repainting quickly turned into an overall remodel. It also gave me a chance to do a lot of rewiring. Though everything was barely a decade old at the time. Flooring and painting cost me little because I didn't hire contractors. I was already very familiar with the work and knew family capable enough (and easily tricked into helping with some beer). :)

With any new flooring, I'd advise against wearing socks for a few weeks especially as it's summer now. New flooring of any type, even marble or tile, is very sleek. You'll end up slipping quite a lot. I landed on my ass a few times the other year when walking too fast and taking a corner in the house. We don't wear shoes in the house, so cleanup is a breeze. A little soap, a little vinegar and warm water does the trick. I use a quality natural sponge or two tied to a mop like device and clean the floors once every other week on my day's off.

Vinegar and water work well on laminate floors too. The problem is laminate picks up the oils from the underside of your foot if you walk barefoot, so a 1;1;1 solution of warm water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar work. It shouldn't smell at all after an hour. The vinegar cleans but the rubbing alcohol dissolves the oils and prevents water streaks from appearing.

Molding will be a pain in the ass to get flush with the floor.