Hosting Domain


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I've just bought the software and I've been informed i need to buy a domain, Been recommended GoDaddy,
Not a problem,
However i don't understand what i need on there.
I've picked the URL i want but the privacy stuff, which one do i opt for you?
Do i need wordpress on there?
Really confused, Can someone got through it with me step by step please?

DragonByte Tech

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Please DO NOT use GoDaddy or HostGator. They are absolutely terrible and will cause you more problems than they are worth, especially considering they will try to up-sell you on things you do not need.

I don't know your specific requirements so I can't recommend a better host, but I can tell you I would rather drive off a cliff than use either of those hosts.



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Just register your domain with somebody like Namecheap or such. Whether you use privacy is up to you. If it doesn't matter to you that your personal info (name, address, etc.) is on the public WHOIS for the domain, then don't get privacy. It's really up to you.