Add-on Horizontal Member Avatar Block underneath Forum-List


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I am looking for an Add-on, putting a random member-list (avatar images) horizontally underneath the Forum-List at the Homepage.

Is somebody able to come up with a simple add-on for this ?




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- would be great to have members shown randomly.
- maybe having an option to show members with an uploaded avatar only, meaning that only members with an image in their avatar are shown.


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What about latest updated avatars? show only "Recently updated avatars".
I would prefer random avatars.
Having an option in ACP to show avatars with uploaded images only or show all avatars (independend of whether an image has been uploaded).
But needs random sort order.


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if u mean the space which is below in sidebar, i think there is no way for remove it due to sidebar width settings...
I was meaning the width when having 20 avatars per line.
it is fine actually!

I was confused as it was looking a bit strange on my width of the screen-size. but it floats perfectly when the browser-window (width) is decreased.

Job well done!