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XF 1.5 Horizontal line

Can't quite figure it out. I used one of the other codes (subscript) as my example but I'm sure I have no clue what I'm doing. Here's what I came up with ...

Still couldn't get it working using your exact code. What would the actual html code look like that I should use in the editor when calling for the hr?

[hr][/hr] ?
One more question how do I throttle the width? I used the code in my earlier examle [hr width=60%][/hr] and it didn't work. Do I have to make a code for each custome width that I want?
I've been playing around with making a custom code for a line width of 60% of the page but can't get it working. Does anyone know what the HTML replacement field should be? I think that's the only problem I'm having.
@LuvMeSumZen, I'd love to know how you got this to work. I have added the custom bbcode (as seen below) and [hr][/hr] does appear to be recognized... but I just get blank spaces where the line should appear. Any help on getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.

So, in doing a bit more digging and a bit more testing, I see that Brogan stated:

It's not possible to create or use 'empty' custom bb codes.
So {text} is always required.
Does this remain true and is the only way to make [hr][/hr] work is to use [hr]-[/hr] or some other variant with a piece of text between?