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Is there a "welcome" message that can be posted to my newly created xenforo homepage? I am in the process of designing a logo therefore, I can upload a logo soon. I'd like to provide an introduction for non-members and members, a welcome message and some directions on how to post a thread and search the forum for experts. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! Paul.
Where do the notices appear, or is that my option?
They appear at the top of each page and you can do some styling on them. You have the option of letting the users dismiss (close) them. You can set filters so you can have notices that are only visible to certain groups of users (e.g. only registered users, only members in a certain group, only users with a certain value in a custom field, etc.), or certain dates, or various other criteria, including combinations of criteria. It's a pretty flexible system in other words. I use it in my admin work to notify people about maintenance windows, changes, new features, that sort of thing.
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They appear at the top of each page and you can do some styling on them.
hehehehe... actually, they can appear at more than the top of each page.
Just thought I'd clarify that.

I use one type of notice for the XF Resources, Gallery, Showcase, Links and such... and then I use another one to welcome users that are not logged in, and another to "remind" them to generate a personal avatar if they haven't already. The former list at the top of the areas siilar to what you reference... the others are pop-ups that self-dismiss after a set display time. The notices are one of the best add-ons that XF has implemented (pretty sure it was yet another @Chris D add-on that got rolled in - the addition of which was probably one of the largest boons that XF has gotten in a while).
Check the notice settings and criteria.

If it was dismissible and you dismissed it, you can enable it again in your account preferences.

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