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I'm looking to have a external page load up when I visit my site instead of it going to straight to my forum index. Something like a "portal" but I dont want an addon. It's more like a simple html and css splah page with a link to the forums. Now I have tried moving my xenforo installation to a "forum" directory but it just makes "/forum/forums" in my url's and I'm OCD. Is there a way to go about this?


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If you follow Brogan's suggestion, your main forum page would be site.com/community/. You can see that here on XenForo, this is exactly what they have done.


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So have forum/community/ a bit silly I think... Anything else?
No, it would be community/forums.

Silly in what way?

If you want the installation in a directory then you are going to have something/forums when accessing forums, something/threads/ when accessing threads, etc.

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There is no need to move the forum into a subdirectory /forum/ or community. You can have the forum installation in the root, upload an html page, e.g. home.html and reference it in admincp options basic board settings: Home Page URL

However I'm not sure how to make this show as mysite.com/ rather than mysite.com/home.html - but there must be a way via .htaccess.