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Highly considering switching from Vb 4.2

Hey guys. I'm currently running a forum with over 400,000 posts and about 4,000 members. I've been considering switching from vb4.2 because of the constant problems I've had with it (errors, plugins, etc). I had a couple of questions about switching:

I understand that members, posts, and threads are transferred on import, but are Private messages and visitor messages also transferred?

I have a post thank you mod on the forum and members take it very seriously. Is it possible to transfer those statistics of thank you's to another xenforo mod?

I have a feature that lets users filter out posts so that only links are shown. Is this possible with Xenforo or is there a mod that will do this? I wasn't able to find one.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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The pre-sales FAQ in my signature has a screenshot of what is imported in the official importer.
Yes, private messages are imported and converted to conversations.

I believe one of the unofficial importers will import thanks to likes

An add-on or custom development would be required for the post links.
Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll look into finding a developer to create the post links. One last question:

I'm a little unclear to the XenForo Resource Manager that's available for purchase. Do I need to purchase that in order to access the resources section of Xenforo in order to download modifications/addons?


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No you just have to have a valid Xenforo licence and associate it to your forum account (or vice versa) and you can access all of the resources here :).