XF 2.2 Highlight text within a reply


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Hi all!

While I can highlight text on a post, when in the actual reply box, there is no color. You can't tell if the text is highlighted or not. I tried it here in this forum and it's fine (shows up blue).

Can you point me to where I can make the text highlighted blue like below? Thanks!



The css ::selection and ::-moz-selection pseudo elements are used to style the selected text. You would apply a background-color property to those elements to choose the selection background.

Im not sure if it depends on your theme but in my case using a XenFocus theme I found it in Style Properties under Rich Text Editor, see below:

If you have to do it custom and not in style properties, you can use ::selection and ::-moz-selection pseudo selectors in your CSS and apply a background-color property to them.