Highlight OP (Original Poster)


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I can't find anything like this (nothing good at least) that exists. I'm merely looking for an add-on that would highlight the original poster in each thread by simply changing the color of their post and maybe adding something like "OP" to it.

I've had a lot of members tell me that would be helpful when the thread is 5+ pages deep and people never know who the original poster was, without going back to page 1.


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Hello, @PumpinIron

We are just about to release such addon for free. It adds a ribbon "OP" to the avatar of the original poster in each post made by them.

Please check back in several hours for the first release of the addon.

Thank you!


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@AddonsLab Please can you add Option to select from different locations in the postbit to show the Thread Starter Text? Show text in button bar" will place the highlighted Thread Starter text in the button bar at the bottom of the post. Show icon in message area" will place the Thread Starter icon at the top right of the message area. Show text in message area" will place the highlighted Thread Starter text at the top center of the message area.

Example One:



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One more nice feature would be to not only add a "Thread Starter" banner / badge to each post, but also have an option for us to change the background color of the avatar area, that way their posts stand out a little more than the others.