High mysql memory use..


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Why do you consider 5% high? This is very reasonable.
What values do you have in your Mysql ini file? Mysql reserves memory according to your ini file.
it makes no sense to tell high memory usage just from the percentage, how much memory do you got? how large is your InnoDB index and data space?


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I´m using default mysql index (no InnoDB), my server has 4gb of memory...
The screenshot was taken when the load average was in 2,3, so I´m worried about that


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Higher loads can have many reasons.

Normally I would suggest taking a look at the output of top or vmstat during high loads, but when you don't feel comfortable with your server I suggest get someone who can manage your server.


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That's actually pretty low for MySQL. A database server can never really have too much memory... The more of your database it can store in memory, the faster it's going to be (especially indexes).