XF 2.2 Hiding usernames to guests?



I know about using a conditional statement to remedy some aspects of usernames being visible to guests, but not all instances are hidden, which pretty much make the workaround from a GDPR perspective troublesome.

On a public forum using real member names not being able to hide identifying information from everyone on the planet is very problematic with regards to the very real world of GDPR…

It simply baffles me why such identifying information cannot be restricted to guests.

Any ideas for other workarounds or implementation of this important legal feature?

On a public forum. I want to hide the usernames of all members from all guests/non-members/non-registered viewers who are viewing the public forum.

Can you please point out where the settings that you speak of exists?
You have to do this with conditional directly in template i think.
Something like that in message_macros template line ~15:
<xf:if is="!$xf.visitor.user_id">
    <h4 class="message-name"><xf:username user="$user" rich="true" defaultname="{$fallbackName}" /></h4>
<xf:else />
    <h4 class="message-name">&nbsp;</h4>
I would be interested in this, too. I'm surprised it has not been developed in the XenForo software.... or as an add-on.

I've seen it in some forums.... where the entire member card (info) is not there for guests viewing the forum.
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